Treatment of expression lines on the face

Smoothing and rejuvenating with botulinumtoxin and fillers (natural hyaluronic acid)

Life leaves its mark on our faces. But today, you need not worry about these signs of ageing – wrinkles are no longer the permanent companions they once were. Botulinumtoxin is a biological protein with a muscle-relaxing effect. Used properly, Botox-treatment smooths expression lines and provides a younger, fresher and more relaxed appearance. If necessary, the treatment can be augmented by hyaluronic acid, which acts as a filler.

Stop sweat.

Excessive perspiration of the armpits frequently results in social discomfort and makes it difficult for sufferers to act naturally in their private and professional lives. Botulinumtoxin solves the problem from the very first treatment. Used properly, this biological protein completely stops unwanted perspiration.

The treatment

Botulinumtoxin is a medication subject to the regulations of the Swissmedic authorisation and supervision authority and may only be administered by doctors. Dr Weisert is a certified member of the  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Botulinumtoxin-Therapie DGBT (German Association for Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin Therapy). On this page you will find further information about the treatment with Botulinumtoxin and its possible side effects.

In our practice we only use high-quality products from Allergan, which are produced almost entirely without animal testing.

The effect

The effect is evident within a few days, reaches its peak after approx. 10-14 days and ends after four to six months. In case of treatment of the armpits, the effect can last up to 10 months. In that time, the substance is completely broken down by the body.

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