This and more is what we can do for you.

First things first: If you have acute pain or suspect you may have one of the symptoms described in the following categories, you should consult a specialist right away.

If you have chosen an HMO model with your health insurance, first consult your general practitioner to obtain a referral to our practice. If not, please contact us directly during our opening hours.

Operations involving a general anaesthetic are conducted at the Cantonal Hospital of Zug or the Andreasklinik Cham. Procedures performed with a local anaesthetic are generally possible in our modern surgery. Regardless of where the operation takes place, the surgery will be carried out by Dr Weisert.

By the way: the staff at our practice speak German, English, Italian, and French.

If you require emergency assistance outside our opening hours, please call the emergency medical number (fees apply) of the canton of Zug:
+41 (0) 900 008 008 (CHF 3.23/min)